enhances mobile roaming experience


TinyTalks are here to enhance your use experience on mobile roaming - using budget calls.

Budget calls are never straight forward, there are strings of card number, pin, local access numbers, SMS gateways to remember - all these are not your priority to remember.

You have something else more important to do. We introduce to you TinyTalk.

We developed a tiny application residing on your mobile phone, simplifies the process of initiating long distance call with your service provider without having those pains that you have gone through before. You can now dial from your phonebook.

For Consumers

TinyTalk means great convenience.

TinyTalk integrates call management functionality and streamlined the process, now users don't have to remember the complex SMS commands, customer service centre number, user ID, PINs, so on and so forth.

Further, users pick contacts from phonebook and dial connection, TinyTalk bridge the connection via your Service Operators.

For Service Operators

TinyTalk means Clients' loyalty.

TinyTalk relieves Clients from pain and stress, and provides on-site support to your Clients right on their mobile phone. TinyTalk reduces long distance support improving Operators' operation efficiency. Further TinyTalk provides branding and a channel to upsell to existing Clients.

TinyTalks are available in Java ME and Windows Mobile platforms.